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Album: No Weep, No Mourn

song tales of admonition & remembrance

The Album “No Weep, No Mourn” contains again a great mix of musical genres and cultures. From old African-American traditionals and spirituals, sad and romantic love songs to Irish and American Folk songs, as well as some originals. In the spirit of traditional music, no matter where the music is from, our aim is to keep these songs and stories alive. Even if you aren’t familiar with some of these songs or styles, but when you listen to them, you might just discover that you do like them after all. At times when we still weren’t certain when and if we can join again to do what we love to do most; playing music, due to circumstances that were beyond our control, we began with the recording of this album. Initially it was our intention to record a demo cd but as the recordings progressed, we soon realized that we were right in the middle of recording a full album. With Geoff still residing in Germany and Toto already playing some solo gigs in Spain the first recordings have been done over two countries; thanks to modern technology. Spending hours and hours on Skype, discussing and developing ideas. At some point we decided to get Simon Barnard on board to make this musical project even more special then we thought it could ever be. With Simon on board we quickly found the direction this CD should take in regards to the choice of songs, arrangements and the style. Not only is he a talented musician, with his experience in musical theatre arrangements throughout the UK, we were sure he will be the best man to help us developing our own sound. Where comes the album title “No Weep, No Mourn” from, you might ask? Well … long story short: With Geoff and his wife being seriously ill for more than a year, and at the same time, it was quite a tough time for all of us, because we didn’t really know if they will fully recover and how long it’s gonna take, for the band to rejoin as well. We were all somehow lost, didn’t know what to do. While Geoff and his wife doing everything possible to recover as quick as possible, Toto tried to keep the duo alive by playing solo gigs for a whole year, even though he doesn’t particularly like playing solo. And being permanently confronted with questions about the band and the situations about his friends, really tried his patience at times. When we decided to record this album (or initially the demo) Geoff really felt a push because when you’re not being able to do anything for months and months, it is just a relief and a new purpose of life, getting up in the morning being creative again. But despite everything that happened, all that we went though, none of us ever complained, or felt self-pity. In other words there was “No Weep, No Mourn”.

When we came across the song “Mary, Don’t You Weep” and read about the African American People and what they’ve been through in their time (Although you can’t really compare this to our situation, we are well aware of this!), seeking comfort in this spiritual song, we found the title of this album is exactly what we were looking for to express oursels and the music of this album! Though we can’t be certain about all song information are a hundred percent correct, we are quite sure that the stories behind each song are there or thereabout. But why not try and see what these songs mean to you?!

We truely hope you enjoy the music!

Die Song Titel:

  1. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad (3:05)
  2. Pay Me My Money Down (3:58)
  3. River Has Run Dry (5:23)
  4. May You Never (3:44)
  5. Take This Hammer (4:37)
  6. The Foggy Dew (5:17)
  7. Sound Of Silence (5:28)
  8. Go (3:47)
  9. Boots Of Spanish Leather (6:01)
  10. Mary, Don’t You Weep (4:59)
  11. Keep On The Sunny Side (4:03)
  12. Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair (4:11)
  13. Bonus Track (3:31)

Total Running Time: approx. 58 minutes

  • Toto Kaluza – Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Stompbox
  • Geoff Blondell – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals, Mandolin
  • Simon Barnard – Fiddle, Solo / Rhythm & Slide Guitar, Harmony Vocals
  • Stephane Lightfoot – Bass Guitar
  • Miguel Ramon – Tenor, Soprano and Alto Sax on Track 3 & 8
  • Mariyana Dimova – Fiddle on “Pay Me My Money Down”
  • Queco Arjona – Spanish Guitar on “Black Is The Color (of my true love’s hair)
  • S.B. MacLoop – Drums & Percussions

Recorded at The Boiler Room & The Mimi Studio Germany & Sa Madona Studio Spain
Vocals recorded by Jordi Tugores at Alquimia Records, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Mixed & Mastered by John Winfield, Broadstairs, Kent, UK
Produced by Simon Barnard and “kaluza & blondell”
Cover Art by Ron Chadwick (
Inside Drawings by Geoff Blondell
Cover Design & Gestaltung by Toto Kaluza

After deciding to record this album we were going through some ideas to finance this project. In March 2014 we then decided to start a “Crowdfunding” campain and the feedback we received was just great. Without the album pre-sales it probably wouldn’t have been possible to record and produce this album. With this in mind we would really like to thank everyone trusting in us and being patient throughout the months waiting for the album to be released.

A Big Hug & Thanks to all Donators: Frank & Jördys and Andree U. & Our Wolfsburg Supporters., Karsten S., Christian H., Ulrike S., Roland & Inge T., Sabine & Frank A., Uwe B., Thorsten W., Matthias & Emma A., Regina W., Helga Ue., Renate H., Gigi P, Roland P., Oliver H., Jessica, Heike & Thomas B., Rita and Saskia B., Dani T., Katrin G., Heidi & Dieter M., Lawrence & Bernadette B., Gulla & Thomas B., Britta C., Axel M., Rainer T.,Axel O., Beatrice & Uwe N., Lutz & Martina Sch., and to Melanie D. for the Living Room Gig!